You may get confused when your luxury watch winder box stops working. It seems that you don’t realize the signs that a luxury watch winder box is broken. The earlier you know the signs, the easier the mechanic to repair the damage. Learn the signs most winder box users don’t realize.

Cushions are slower

Check the cushions on the winder box. Slower cushions can be one of the signs that there is a problem with the winder case, especially in the motor. This sign also appears because you are putting a heavy watch in the case. The best thing you can do is upgrade the winder to something more compatible with a big and heavy watch.  

Produce Noisy Sound

Some luxury watch winder box owners don’t take a noisy sound from it as a problem. You may think that it is coming from the motors. The truth is that it is a sign that you need to check the box right away. Most high-quality watch winder boxes have quiet motors. It means you will not hear any noise from the box when it is working. In this case, you are about to hear a grinding sound. Bring the winder box to the mechanic immediately if you hear a noisy sound. Don’t wait until the sound is getting louder because it can be too late. The longer you fix the problem, the worse the problem. It can make the luxury watch winder box stops working, and you need a lot of money to fix it.  

It Doesn’t Charge the Watches

Check the watch anytime you take it out from the watch winder box. There is a case that the watch winder case doesn’t charge the watch. Indeed, there is a problem with this product. It happens commonly because the motors are starting to run down.

Cushions Stop Turning

If you don’t realize that the cushions are slower, these parts will stop turning. It can be because there is something that has broken inside the watch winder. You still have to check it because sometimes the motors are still turning, although the cushions stop working. In most cases, the motors also stop working when the cushion stops turning.

So, be sensitive with your luxury watch winder box. Regular watch winder box maintenance is necessary to do to check the parts. Be aware if you see the signs above in your watch winder case. Bring it to the mechanic right away to ensure the cause before it breaks the luxury watch winder box.

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